About our company

Our story & philosophy

TREDO was founded on the philosophy that the future is digital and that the buying model of trade-fairs and cash and carry centres are that of the past.


Our mission is to help independent entrepreneurs grow their business to its potential, from the recently graduated card designer to the sustainable skincare brand owner hoping to stock in Liberties. TREDO is a community-based intelligent wholesale marketplace where brands can easily connect with retailers from all over the world, and retailers can source from hundreds of exciting brands for their story. 


For retailers, we have put together a straight-forward financial package including 60 net terms and … to ensure their journey from match to checkout is fast and friendly.


For brands, our platform provides powerful sales, marketing opportunities, and sales advice, so they can focus on what they really love doing: making innovative products. 


Save time, money and stress with our directory of curated brands and retailers all in one place. TREDO, simplifying wholesale.


Meet the Team

Our recipe for simplifying wholesale is made up of four key ingredients... 




Fauwaz Lahori



Adi Jain


Digital Lead

Harriet Russell


Head of Market

Rick Bentley