Citrus Delight Body & Bath Oil


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The power of aromatherapy is a wonderful thing and we’re passionate about being able t...

Calling all citrus lovers! Our Citrus Delight Body Oil is a refreshing, revitalizing pick-me-up that packs a zesty punch. This harmonious blend features a trio of citrus essential oils to lift your spirits, balance your emotions and help turn a meh day into a great day. Like a little burst of sunny Mediterranean warmth in a bottle
Citrusy and warm, sweet orange gently detoxifies, reviving a flagging body and mind. Its intoxicating, fruity aroma is a delicious mood-booster.
Re-energizing and invigorating, tangy grapefruit banishes a low mood and leaves you feeling more balanced.
Lemony and fragrant with a floral hint, bergamot uplifts your spirits and turns down the dial on an anxious, busy mind.

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