Energy Boost Body & Bath Oil


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The power of aromatherapy is a wonderful thing and we’re passionate about being able t...

FINALIST - Natural Health Beauty Awards 2021For those days when youre feeling a little lackluster and low on energy, our Energy Boost blend is packed with positivity. This robust fusion of rosemary, sweet orange, and peppermint invigorates and revives, leaving your senses stimulated and your mind clear. A mood-boosting tonic for whatever the day brings!
These powerful partners will bring that get-up-and-go vibe
Rosemarys soothing yet stimulating properties will leave you mentally refreshed and alert. Its said to be memory-boosting so a great aid if youre studying. Fragrant and aromatic, its woody scent with tones of pine and lemon bring to mind a stirring sea breeze, energizing the senses
Citrusy and warm, sweet orange uplifts and revives the spirits, and soothes tired muscles too.

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