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Charcoal powder is transformed into a paste by simply adding water and stirring it, this preservative- free formula will leave your skin purified and clean.

How to use
Simple mix the powder of this bag with 2 teaspoons of water (warm water if desired) in a small dish and when it is a smooth paste apply to your face avoiding your eyes and lips for 5min and wash off.

1 x Single Use Mask Powder e4g

What are the ingredients?

Kaolin: Cleanses and gentle detoxifies the skin for brighter skin.
Tea tree Oil: Provides anti-inflammatory effects and helps to calm and soothe the skin.
Chamomile: Anti-inflammatory
Activated Charcoal: Traps toxins and unwanted excess oils leaving your skin feeling smooth.
Chia Seeds: Its antioxidants fight the production of free radicals
Algin: Emulsifies and moisturizes

Nothing added that isn't needed!

Why Powder Face Mask?

Simply because powder face masks ingredients are still activated, unlike traditional sheet or hydrogel masks, where its critical active formula has already been jump-started with the addition of a liquid like water.

Handmade to order!
Natural - Eco - No Plastic - Biodegradable - Vegan - Cruelty Free

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