Haut:Sen Botanic Bath Salts - Fully Recyclable Pouch - Relax & Calm - Lavender Geranium


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Haut:Sen offers skin and personal care that encourages a slower, mindful approach to s...

The luxurious mineral-rich lavender bath salts are the perfect addition to your relaxing bathing routine, calming the mind after a busy day and soothing the body. The 100g pouch of bath salts makes a great cheap bridesmaid gift, cheap wedding favor, stocking filler or travel gift. -100% Natural
- No Artificial Chemicals or Colours
- Size: 100g (4 doses)
- Handmade in England
- Vegan and Cruelty Free
- No Palm Oil
The ultimate aromatherapy ritual, with skin softening Epsom Salt, deep cleansing Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts help your body detox, decompress from daily stress and clear your mind.
Ethically sourced French Lavender and Egyptian Geranium natural essences relax aching muscles and encourage deep, restorative sleep.
Silky rose petals complement the luxury relaxing experience. Handcrafted in England in small batches for optimum quality and freshness.
100% natural | Vegan and Cruelty-Free | No Palm Oil | No Sulphates | No Parabens | No PEGs | No Petrochemicals | No Phthalates | No TEA/MEA/DEA | No Synthetic Colours | No SLS

Dimensions (W x H x D):
11 cm x17 cm x
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