HIBISCUS PINK Clay Face mask powder


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Rose is the ingredient in this pink clay mask. Rose helps to balance and restore your skin. Kaolin can help to clean the skin for glowing skin. Tea tree oil provides anti-inflammatory effects and helps to calm the skin. Chia Seeds: Anti-oxidants  and fight against radicals Hibiscus: Natural botox flower Aloe Vera and Oat: Soothe your skin  Powder mask ingredients are still active and much better than sheet masks with addition of liquid like water. When water is added to the powder, it activates the ingredients. This gives you the freshest mask formula ! How to use:  Simply mix the powder of this bag with few teaspoons of water (warm water if desired) in a small dish and when it's a smooth paste apply to your face (except eyes and lips), sit back and let the minerals and botanicals get to work for 5 minutes and wash off.  Ingredients: Kaolin (Kaolin Clay), Rose Petal Powder (Rose) Flower Powder, Hibiscus Sabdarrifa Flower, Salvia Hispanica (Chia) Seeds, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernet, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera), Malaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil, *Geraniol, *Linalool and *Limonene *Occurs Naturally
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