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Ultimate LED PAP formula teeth whitening kits. 
JustSmile PAP Technology whitening pen has been designed to deliver a perfectly safe effective teeth whitening treatment. The JustSmile PAP pen can be used with activating lights for best results and is the same PAP pens in the Power LED PAP Kits. JustSmile Key Ingredients PAP - Phtalimidoperoxycaproic Acid - Actively whitens Hydroxyapatite -Strengthens and repairs Potassium Nitrate- Soothes and protects ?PAP ?????is a new non-invasive whitening technology and is a safer and better alternative to peroxide. PAP contains a high potential of oxidation which dissolves stains that have built up on the enamel surface. With the help of our blue light technology it passes through the tooth to whiten even deeper stains. It has been scientifically proven not to damage the tooth enamel. ?Hydroxyapatite ????is a naturally occurring and essential ingredient in all teeth and bones. It is pure white composition and helps strengthen and repair teeth. ?Potassium Nitrate ?is a soothing ingredients which prevents tooth sensitivity and improves oral health.
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