Normal to Dry Skin 30ml


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This little beauty is designed for Normal to Dry Skin but suitable for all skintypes using only natural oils. Some of the ingredients are especially good for dry skin such as the lovely Meadowfoam which has some wonderful rejuvenating, restoring and antioxidant properties. One of my hero ingredient, Rosehip Oil smooth wrinkles and brighten your skin. Let`s not forget about Argan oil which is also very moisturising and still they do not leave any oily residue. It also helps to maintain skin elasticity. I used some magical essential oils with uplifting scents which is good not just for your skin but also for your mind. Frankincense will give some woody, spicy scent and has some skin healing properties while rosemary gives the uplifting camphorous scent meanwhile controlling oil production and geranium will finish this off with some lovely rose scent. However, I thought about people with sensitive skin or who cannot tolerate essential oils. You can have the same product without essential oils, just look in the product page for these.
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