Super Berry Probiotic Repair Facial


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3 STEP FACIAL MASK WITH EXFOLIATING SCRUB, SHEET MASK AND MOISTURISER FOR SALON RESULTS, AT HOME. ? VEGAN A repairing and hydrating 3-step routine; containing a cleanser, sheet mask and a moisturiser for a complete facial under 20 minutes.

Wild Berry Probiotic Facial Cleanser
Step one contains a Wild Berry probiotic facial cleanser, to gently remove dirt build-up and prepare the skin ahead of the next step, without stripping it of essential oils and moisture.

Super Berry Probiotic Biodegradable Sheet Mask
In the next step, you will open a natural, biodegradable sheet mask, infused with Wild Berry Probiotic that will use good berry bacteria to give your skin a much-needed health-boost.

Berry Probiotic Repair Moisturiser
Complete the 3-step routine with a lightweight cream that will aid repair with a boost of hydration and moisturising effect.

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