Brand FAQs


1. How Do I Register/ Join? 

Just click the “Register as a Brand” button on the homepage and you are on your way. As part of the registration process, we ask for a few details about your business, this is not only so we can learn more about you, but also to ensure we can provide the best service possible. Once filled in, we will review your application and get back to you via email with the result. 

After your application has been approved, you can start uploading your catalogue, product photos and videos, and other wholesale details. Click here for more information on how to optimize your brand profile. (link to blog) Our team will compile all the details and images to generate your page. You will receive a notification via email once your profile is ready. 

2. In what countries is TREDO active?

We are currently focusing on Brands based in the United Kingdom and Brands that can service the UK market, with the hope to soon be branching out to the EU and further Internationally. Our currency is in pound sterling and we can only approve businesses within the UK for the time being. 

3. How much does TREDO Cost? 

You only pay commission on new accounts that find you through Tredo- 15% on every order. You pay 0% for life when you bring your existing stockists to the  Tredo marketplace. 

4. What about my existing sales channels?

TREDO believes in growing your business, further to that just let us know about your existing sales channels including agents and the postcodes they operate in (you can only do it within 6 months of your store being operational on TREDO). TREDO will ringfence those areas so that your TREDO store is not visible in those areas. With TREDO everyone wins.

5. How does 0% commission for existing stockists work?

We will charge you 0% commission for life when you use Tredo with your existing customers. Have your existing stockists sign up to Tredo using your ‘My Tredo’ link and we will add them to your 0% list. We may ask you to provide us with a purchase order or invoice from that particular retailer, we cannot accept any orders that date back further than six months. 

6. Can I cancel/ amend an order? 

Please check the order details before you confirm it. If you need to amend your order, you can do one of the following: 

  • If the item is no longer available: Suggest an alternative to the customer using the messaging service. If no replacement products are available or the customer declines your offer, please choose ‘Cancel Order’ in your orders dashboard. 
  • Decline the order request: If you are unable to fulfil the request you can cancel the order request simply by choosing ‘Decline Request’ or ‘Cancel Order’. In order to improve this service, we ask that you include your reasons for cancelling. 
  • Additional amendments to an existing order: An order may be amended prior to shipping confirmation, so don’t forget to suggest bundles or product recommendations to clients. 

7. What happens when I receive an order?

Once a retailer places an order, you will be notified via email and in the back-end via notification. You will have 3 days to confirm, discuss or cancel the order. It is important that you update the order status at every stage. 

Once you accept the order, you will need to confirm the shipping lead time and provide a tracking number when you have fulfilled the order. Once the order is received by the retailer, they have three days to confirm everything as per expectation. 

8. How and when do I get paid? 

Payments will be confirmed once the items have been delivered safely. Once arrived, the payment will be processed within 30 days of the goods being shipped. 

9. How does shipping work? 

Once an order has been placed, you will be notified and can post your items when convenient. It is important to package the items securely and carefully to ensure a safe journey. Once the order is shipped you MUST update the order status on TREDO and provide the tracking number. You will be able to share your standard shipping time on your brand profile when you register with us.  

10. How do you select Retailers? 

We use an application process to ensure our retailers are pre-vetted and trust-worthy retailers who match our product categories. Our algorithm will then search through our database to find the perfect match for your business based on your preferences and their needs. Retailers can actively search for you using keywords and we regularly feature brands and promotions to help your sales.

11. Can I choose the retailers I sell to? 

Yes! You are ALWAYS in control of who you sell to.  It is also possible to invite your existing retailer customers to the platform. 

12. How does exclusivity work?

Exclusivity is an extremely important feature in our retailers buying consideration. On TREDO brands are opted in for Exclusivity at the point of registration, however, you are free to opt-out should you wish to do so. 

Exclusivity is offered to one retailer within a 3-mile radius within the M25 corridor, and a 5-mile radius for outside the M25 corridor. 

13. How do I manage and upload products?

You can do this easily through your admin panel by using your login details. Our colleagues are always at hand to help you out.

14. Can I integrate my website with  TREDO?

Currently, this is not possible. We are working hard to integrate as many websites as possible and hope to offer this feature soon.

15. Keeping the transactions on TREDO: 

 It is very important to us that you comply with our T’s & Cs and keep the connections you have made with us and handle transactions on TREDO. We see our connections with you as partnerships and thus we must work together to ensure the best possible outcome for your business. If you do not follow our guidelines then we will have to take measures starting with deactivating your account. If you have any further questions regarding this please contact first. Let’s maintain our relationship and treat the platform respectfully!

16. How does VAT work? 

As a British company, TREDO is registered for VAT in the UK. Any overseas orders comply with the local VAT rate. For international transactions, VAT is usually shifted. All prices submitted must contain prices before and after VAT.

17. How do I access Brand Tutorials? 

You need to be logged in to your admin panel to be able to access tutorials. This can be accessed through the 'Resources' dropdown on the top menu bar.