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Local manufacturing and recycled materials form the core of 30x40

Min: £100 | Shipping: 10 days | Free Shipping: £

Amy Britton

Face coverings, bags, purses

Min: £250 | Shipping: 10 days | Free Shipping: £500

Amy Whelan Art

Cards, Frames and Gifts

Min: £0 | Shipping: 4 days

Another Wild Story

Illustrations inspired by real-life people

Min: £150 | Shipping: 3-6 days | Free Shipping: £300

Artio Skincare

100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare range for Mum & Baby 

Min: £250 | Shipping: 2-5 days | Free Shipping: £250

Ask Jewellery

Beautifully designed, gorgeously affordable fashion jewellery

Min: £250 | Shipping: 7 days


100% Natural skincare range, pure essential oil scented candles and blends. Eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. All products are handmade in small batches in the UK.

Min: £100 | Shipping: 7-14 days | Free Shipping: £100.00

Bea and Wild Designs

Delicately refined designs with a minimalist aesthetic, Bea & Wild products combine hand drawn illustrations in ink, watercolour and graphite, with digital techniques. Inspired by femininity, self-love and nature, products include Giclée prints, cards, wrapping paper, notebooks & gifts.

Min: £100 | Shipping: 3 - 5 days | Free Shipping: £200

Bee Green Wraps

100% natural and reusable food wraps

Min: £100 | Shipping: 7 days | Free Shipping: £150

Before The I Do's

Wedding planner, gifts and accessories

Min: £0 | Shipping: 14-21 days | Free Shipping: £25

Believer Achiever

We help busy parents connect with their children and find time to talk

Min: £160 | Shipping: 3 days | Free Shipping: £200

Best Years Ltd

Independent toy producer and wholesaler specialising in eco, ethical or green toys. Iconic knitted dinosaurs, fair trade wooden toys and organic baby comforters. Everything tested to EN71 and CE and machine washable

Min: £100 | Shipping: 5 days | Free Shipping: £300


Minimalist quirky cards & prints.

Min: £75 | Shipping: 8-10 days | Free Shipping: £120

Blanket Labs

Bespoke, ethical & reusable premium face masks. Made in the UK.

Min: £0 | Shipping: days

Boc Jewellery

Playful statement handmade Jewellery made in the UK

Min: £100 | Shipping: 14-21 days | Free Shipping: £200

Bottlebrush Ferments

We want to help people feel better by improving their gut health. We want to make gut health easier and we want to help people enjoy the foods they love with integrity, quality and responsibility. 

Min: £60 | Shipping: 2-4 days | Free Shipping: £120

Boxer Gifts

Here at Boxer, we are designers, innovators, creators, and manufacturers of unique, original and quality gift ideas. We want all gifts to create an impact. Gifts should be fun wild, quirky, interesting and above all, better than before!

Min: £0 | Shipping: 3 - 5 days | Free Shipping: £175

Brownstone London

A contemporary lifestyle and home fragrance brand with a modern monochrome aesthetic and a commitment to using natural ingredients and materials.

Min: £150 | Shipping: 3-5 days | Free Shipping: £300

Brunswick Aces

At Brunswick Aces, we advocate for moderation. We're breaking down the barriers of what it means to choose not to drink, without missing out on the taste experience. We blend our expertly distilled sapiir and gin botanicals to have the same flavour profiles. Meaning you can switch between the two options, easily moderating, without sacrificing your experience or the flavour.

Min: £96 | Shipping: 3 days | Free Shipping: £96


"At Budeful, our aim has been to create exclusive, stylish and unique designs for our products that are made for building a collection around. Each of our artisan designs has a reason for being and each of our characters has a story to tell. With a nod to Art Deco and a unique colour palette, we feel we have created something truly memorable in style and design.”

Min: £250 | Shipping: 21-30 days | Free Shipping: £300.00