Why Wholesale

S01:E01 Curious about Wholesale?

Curious about Wholesale?  OK, so you have thought about wholesale, or are ever so curious about exploring this space. Well, pat your back, because you are starting to think about scaling your brand and taking it to the next level - well done you! We are obviously super passionate about this space, and so, we’ve decided to come up with a short...



We recently caught up with our TREDO founder Fauwaz Lahori on his thoughts on B2B trading and his top 7 reasons why you should join our wholesale platform. Over the last decade we have seen a surge in the world of B2C e commerce but the B2B business, especially wholesale, is still largely conducted in the traditional way and has remained largely...


Saving the Future of Local Retail

For most of history, the high street has been the backbone of the community. It was where we bought our essentials, learnt about emerging talent and supported the local businesses.  It wasn’t until the 70s that everything started to change and brands became commercialized. We entered an era of ‘big-box retailers’ followed by e-commerce giants like...


5 Tips For Brands To Optimise Their Profile and Maximise Sales

We at TREDO are extremely invested in helping our brands grow their business. We are inherently vested in your success and take this partnership very seriously. In everything we do we consult and take feedback from our brands and retailers. Whilst the concept of online B2B wholesale is new and exciting, it is ever so important for brands to present...