Premium Bread Proofing Basket 9 Pack Biodegradable Bread Baking Equipment for Professional Home Bakers Gift for Artisan Bread Making Starter Easy to Use & Clean


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Our Bread Proofing Basket is essential baking equipment to make beautifully round loaves. As the name suggests, a proofing basket is only meant to let the dough proof, it is not a replacement for a baking tin. Other equipment includes 2 linings - one to cover the base of the basket and the other to cover the dough from the top and a wood and steel dough scraper to help make equal portions. The wooden bread lame is for rapid dough expansion and the steel dough whisks help avoid dough clogging or bending. The wooden basting brush is to spread the oil, butter and sauce evenly, plus youll get 16 decor stencils! Perfect bread every time! Why choose our bread proofing kit? The bread basket material is durable and helps to regulate fermentation optimally for a delicate texture and a crispy crust. Its simple to clean and use. Youll receive a beautifully crafted and well-made proofing basket. You can create different patterns on the bread dough with the special stencils included in the package. A bread lame is included. It cuts so much better than even a very sharp knife! You can store your freshly baked bread in the storage bag made of natural fibres. Great for both artisan cooks and home use.
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