Retailer FAQs

Retailer FAQs

  1. How do I Register/ Join? 

Just click the “Register as a Retailer” or "Join Today" button on the homepage and you are on your way. As part of the registration process, we ask for a few details about your business, this is not only so we can learn more about you but also to ensure we can provide the best service possible. Based on your answers, preferences and behaviour, we will show you the best brands and products suited to your store. Once filled in, we will review your application and get back to you via email with the result. From then on, happy shopping! 

2. In what countries is TREDO active? 

We are currently focusing on the United Kingdom, with the hope to soon be branching out to the EU and further Internationally. Our currency is in pound sterling and we can only approve retail businesses within the UK for the time being. 

3. How much does TREDO Cost? 

TREDO is completely FREE to sign up, no monthly fees or commissions. 

4. How do I pay for orders? 

Purchase from multiple inspiring brands in one order without creating multiple accounts. First orders must be paid before orders are dispatched. Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit/debit card or through Net 60 (if you qualify).

5. How does Net 60 work?

If you have a Brick-and-mortar store then you could potentially be eligible for 60-day terms, Basically, you have 60 days to settle your invoice from the date of delivery. This will help you manage your cash flow better and in most cases give you enough time to sell your inventory before you settle the invoice. Net 60 is subject to eligibility.


6. What do you mean by minimum orders?

The minimum order value is the minimum amount (in £’s) that the brand is willing to sell at a wholesale price per order. The minimum order will vary per brand. As you add items to your order, you will be notified when you have met their requirements. If you fail to meet their requirements, the order will not be placed.  

7. How much is shipping? 

We know shipping cost is often the annoying surprise you get to the checkout, which is why, when you spend £300 (from one or multiple brands) you will receive FREE shipping on your entire order. Please see standard shipping fees below for anything under £200: UK (£9.99), EU (£15.99) and RoW (£24.99).

8. When will my orders arrive? 

Average delivery times can vary depending on the brand. For more information, please see the brand information section on the brand’s main page. Alternatively, after making the purchase, please feel free to drop the brand a message with your delivery preferences. Once the items have been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number and estimated time of arrival.   

9. How do you select Brands? 

We use an application process to ensure our brands provide the best example of innovative, stylish and good-quality products. We also work with brands we know and have worked with in the past to guarantee a trustworthy wholesale service. 

10. How can I search for products? 

Our aim is to highlight interesting and innovative products. We are constantly updating our database to ensure our algorithm will provide you with a rotation of new products. You can search through keywords like relevance, brand names etc. We also offer a filter section that you can update to fit your preference. 

11. How can I search for brands? 

Not only will we promote new brands and makers on our homepage and social media, but based on your filters, our algorithm will match you with suitable brands. You can also search through keywords like relevance, brand names etc. We also offer a filter section that you can update to fit your preference.

12. Do you offer exclusivity? 

Yes, depending on the brands we offer exclusivity. Exclusivity works on a 3mile radius within the M25 corridor and a 5-mile radius outside of the  M25 corridor, and it lasts for 180 days from the date of purchase. At the end of this period, the exclusivity will end if you do not reorder. 

13. Can I contact the brands? 

Yes, we offer a messaging service so you can chat to the brand about any queries regarding the product, cooperation, collection and delivery.  

14. Can I amend/cancel my orders?  

Once the order is completed, you will need to contact the brand through the platform to cancel or make any updates to your order. however, if the order is confirmed and shipped then you are unable to make any changes or cancel the order. 

15. Keeping the transactions on TREDO: 

It is very important to us that you comply with our T’s & Cs and keep the connections you have made with us and handle transactions on TREDO. We see our connections with you as partnerships and thus we must work together to ensure the best possible outcome for your business. If you do not follow our guidelines then we will have to take measures starting with deactivating your account. If you have any further questions regarding this please contact first. Let’s maintain our relationship and treat the platform respectfully!

17. How does VAT work? 

As a British company, TREDO is registered for VAT in the UK. Any overseas orders comply with the local VAT rate. For international transactions, VAT is usually shifted. All prices submitted must contain prices before and after VAT.